Improvements & deteriorations

Four of the nine regions in the world improved in peacefulness in 2019: Russia and Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Russia and Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, and MENA recorded improvements across all three GPI domains.

Europe maintained its position as the most peaceful region in the world, which it has held for every year of the GPI. MENA remained the least peaceful region for the fifth year in a row, although it did become more peaceful last year.

Europe was the only one of the four improving regions that did not improve in every domain of the GPI. Progress in Europe was driven by improvements in Safety and Security and reductions in Militarisation, but Ongoing Conflict deteriorated.

Central America and the Caribbean had the largest deterioration, especially in Safety and Security due to widespread crime and political instability.


North America closely followed, with the second largest deterioration, and while it was once again the second most peaceful region, it continued to deteriorate owing to the worsening of a number of indicators in the US. Peacefulness in the US has deteriorated each year since 2016. South America also faced challenges, deteriorating in Safety and Security, especially in Venezuela, and in Ongoing Conflict, because of political polarisation and escalating drug trade related armed conflicts in Brazil.

Sub-Saharan Africa recorded a slight deterioration overall, but as a large region, had mixed results across countries, indicators and domains.

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The average country score improved by -0.09 per cent, with 86 countries improving and 76 recording deteriorations.